Henna is an art that speaks much better than what words can go.  

At Creative Faces, we take pride in bringing out the best of legacy and  a fusion of contemporary art using the most natural quality of Henna. 

Being one of the Stalwarts in the Seattle area, our rich designs have appealed hundreds of Henna lovers. 

Please reach out for any events,  get together & festivals. 

We have a team of artists who are ready to add  glamour to your party. We also provide best quality of Natural Henna cones and other Henna products 

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Henna Tattoo Instructions

Always have clean and dry hands before your get your Henna done. Leave the Henna to dry for at least 45 Minutes. Don't peel off Heena until it starts falling apart in 4-5 hours. The longer you keep the Heena, results in better stain and color. Please protect your Henna tattoo from Water for at least 24 hours. Please apply some Lemon / Sugar water on the Henna paste after it gets dried. You can also use Olive oil once the Henna is Dried fully. Swimming, Soaking in the hot tub, Involving in any activity that exposes your Henna to water for a very long time will deteriorate the henna stain earlier than expected.